3 Age-Based Options

Investments in the Age-Based Portfolios are based on the age of the beneficiary. Younger beneficiaries will have more money invested in stocks. (Stocks historically have provided additional potential for growth, but they are also more volatile.) As the beneficiary gets older, the assets will automatically shift to portfolios with reduced stock exposure and increased bond and money market investments.

Talk with your investment professional about your college savings objectives to see if an Age-Based Portfolio is right for your situation.

View the following pie charts to see how the Age-Based Aggressive Portfolios change over time as the beneficiary nears college.

Click on “Read More” for information about each portfolio’s objectives, asset allocation, fees, and performance.

Real EstateInternational EquityU.S. EquityFixed IncomeMoney Market

Ages 0–2

Ages 3–5

Ages 6-8

Ages 9-10

Ages 11-12

Ages 13-14

Ages 15-16

Ages 17-18

Ages 19+